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Look after someone? Who looks after you? is a campaign to support carers living in Northamptonshire.

1 in 10 people in Northamptonshire regularly cares for someone.

Carers are all ages, from all backgrounds, and can be male or female.

They may not describe themselves as a carer; it’s just what they do as a husband, wife, partner, relative or friend. They may be providing physical, emotional or practical support or helping someone to get out and about.

  • If you care on a regular basis for a parent, child, friend, neighbour or other relative who may be physically or mentally ill, has a disability, is elderly or has problems with drugs or alcohol, then you are a carer and these web pages are for you.
  • If you are a health or social care professional find out how you can best support carers.

Take the Carer self-assessment test

Not sure if you are a Carer? Take the self-assessment test and find out.

PowerPoint presentation about carers for use with secondary school students

Produced for use in Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) this powerpoint presentation can be used as a springboard for discussions about carers and the impact of being a carer. Includes some information about young carers. Education staff should visit the schools facsheet for more information or download the presentation here